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Field Crops - for Glider Pilots




This website displays photographs of 9 different field crops (and some "no go" fields) taken both from the air and in the field, at various stages of cultivation. Each crop is described - including its suitability for field landings - from it's early growth to harvesting time. It is hoped that these web pages assist is making the best field selection when a field landing becomes a necessity.


The contents of the website have been reconstructed with his kind permission from a website originally compiled by Adrian Hatton. That website is no longer available. The new website is hosted by the Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club. The photographs and text are Adrian's.


The following links take you to the crop photograph pages.



       Beans          Potatoes   Winter Wheat
       Grass         Spring Barley   
Oilseed Rape     Sugar Beet     
        Peas        Winter Barley "No Go" Fields



Please bear in mind that all the images were taken in the East Midlands so allowances will have to be made if your area is a significant distance to the North or South. (Typically crops run 7-10 days earlier on the South Coast of England and approx. 7-14 days later in the Scottish Borders).